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Graduated compression relaxing knee-highs, stockings and tights for the beauty of your legs, proposed in different lines of products to ensure a beneficial and regenerating massage for the whole day.

Created from the collaboration between phlebologists and Elly skilled technicians, ANTISTRESS products are the ideal solution to all your customers’ needs. They represent an effective remedy against swelling and heaviness of legs. The graduated compression massage favours blood reflow towards the heart, encourages circulation and relieve the feeling of tiredness. The maximum compression is exerted at the ankle, where the risk of liquids stagnation is higher, and then it gradually decreases up to the thigh.

Guaranteed by Elly, which has been taking care of legs wellbeing for more than 50 years, ANTISTRESS products are proposed in different lines that can assure a beneficial and regenerating massage all day long.

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Collant Classic
Collant Sweet
Collant Maternity
Active Knee-highs
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